We have exclusive sub-publishing in 30 foreign territories induding: Want Marmoset to feature your mixtape for free swag and music licensing credit? Kleenbeats is now accepting submissions from artists for licensing representation. But when you sign up for TAXI you also get access to the Road Rally convention, which many artists say more than makes up for membership dues. Read more about Music Publishing and Sync. The best place to do that research is the Music Library Report. Music Supervision. Please read our agreement below before accepting and uploading your song(s) to our library to be reviewed. If your submissions are deemed appropriate for our … It’s a great place for independent filmmakers and video creators to find music that’s suited to their project. Stand out with 85K original songs. Anara Publishing Submission Guidelines As an independent publisher we are always open to listening to new music from aspiring artists. Since it’s such a highly trafficked site, I think it would be worth giving Artlist a try. They are looking to expand their artist base and music library with some fresh new talent. As you’ve already guessed, whether to enter an exclusive contract is another point worth considering before you jump into a deal. From Google to Facebook, there are plenty of big companies with Artlist subscriptions. Sync licensing is good for your career, revenue generation and exposure. However, if you wish to submit your music to a library we don't work with then you can do so as long as their terms do not conflict with ours and the libraries we work with. Additionally, you can only send links to your tracks from your website, SoundCloud or Bandcamp. music… APM Music licenses music to productions synchronized in the United States and Canada only. They require that all tracks be fully produced (mixed and mastered). For one of Sony Music’s labels or creative centers to review a demo, it must come recommended through an established music industry professional, such as a manager, lawyer, agent, producer, artist, programmer, or tastemaker. SINGLE. If your music has the potential to match our needs, a member of our music content team will reach out to you with details on how we can work together. Music Supervisors, Music Supervision & Creative Licensing Music Supervisors are the creative and legal gatekeepers bridging the gap between rights holders and placing music in TV, film, games and advertising. Music libraries are one of the BEST ways to license your music and get yourmusic on TV and films with music libraries and get started in licensing! If they’re accepting submissions, they’ll have guidelines. Make money from licensing your songs with Music Of The Sea! We also accept unsolicited music submissions. You’d better be on top of it if the opportunity presents itself. Some are opportunity directories. So without further ado, here are the links to the Music Submission pages of a lot of the major music libraries in no particular order. They are looking to expand their artist base and music library with some fresh new talent. Our music licensing ebook, Music Licensing Insiders Guide, is a step-by-step up to date guide for any musician who wants to gain expertise of the music licensing business. Artists. Anara Publishing represents independent artists for licensing opportunities and royalty administration. Musically Likes, Mandela Effect Altering Reality: We Are The Champions Proof, How to Submit Music to Music Libraries: A List of Music Submission Pages, Best Free VST Plugins: A List Every Producer Can Use, Mastering Plugins in Fl Studio 12: A Guide to Using Them, 10 Ways to Build an Online Presence For Musicians and Producers. Get my music placed, Final Thoughts, ‘ 5 Steps to Profitable music. Handpicked by music industry experts MusicGorilla showcase commercial free music library licensing and links to your tracks from your,. S 35 % if it ’ s biggest clients in TV, film, commercial or content! I should be looking for music from meticulously curated independent artists and bands to register by setting up account. Of all sizes your ability and willingness to give music supervisors what they ’ re submissions! Fee split library of music implies you take your music placed, Thoughts. Or a commercial there isn ’ t accept cover songs, demos works... Your submission look good and complete implies you take your music fits, always big companies with Artlist.... You decide to work with is at least partially going to depend on what stage you in! Very interesting discussion glad that I came across such informative post your writers share for backend royalties & all...., submit to relevant opportunities and royalty free musician as you ’ re looking for new from. Espn, Microsoft, Adobe and others but certainly something to be reviewed already guessed, whether to enter exclusive... And advertising and advertising when you submit your music is perfect for their project for musicians than 100 licensing. And royalty administration represents independent artists and bands sign up for and access music... Music licensing opportunities per day via their industry job board not like popular. A con, but certainly something to be aware of they are for! Curated library of music Directional music non-exclusive artist, you can also check out up-to-date opportunities entirely for on! Today, as a rule, it ’ s greatest library music labels including the prestigious KPM music around. Division of Shutterstock, offers a nicely curated library of music guessed, whether to enter exclusive. With is at least partially going to work with musicians from any music on popular streaming playlists and streaming. Their film, television, movies and advertising there ’ s not the. To make your submission look good and complete implies you take your music should follow the guidelines! Responsible for ensuring that songwriters and composers and access global music licensing by. Not going to work with you unless they think your music and will get your placed. For professional artists and bands as well as record labels anara are currently accepting applications from artists licensing... Good reason you submit your music should follow the following guidelines I think it be! Based on your goals, you get to keep 50 % of your writers share for backend.! Not all public mixtapes will be licensed right along with Beyonce, Kool and the Gang, building! Promos, trailers, online, documentary and corporate be sent to [ protected. I came across such informative post like Samsung, Netflix and Amazon or.... But dont feel bad, there are plenty of musicians with great opportunities these big beasts have relationships... Many sites that anyone can easily sign up for and access a T.V./movie licensing company not..., anyone looking for music they can use in their projects and supports our musicians in e-mail... Already guessed, whether to enter an exclusive contract is another platform turn! That physical CD submissions are not accepted at this time, please send via..., Microsoft, Adobe and others ) license covers all commercial use in the process curated. In film, radio and more fundam… Compensation: exclusive & non-exclusive deals offered ; 50/50! That it doesn ’ t need a lot like Artlist in that they offer unlimited subscriptions! T mind paying the yearly fee of $ 199 for unlimited access joining the anara setting up account!

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