October 31 [29], When Jin Zixun told him to wait for at least several hours, Wei Wuxian grew impatient. While re-examining the body, they discovered a face reflected in the eyes of the thief that was not his own, indicating that he had died after witnessing the ghost's memories. His brother, however, released the spell before departing to plan the upcoming Discussion Conference with Jin Guangyao. [38], In the aftermath, Wei Wuxian staggered away. Jin Guangyao himself pushed Lan Xichen away before his neck was broken by Nie Mingjue. [ENG] [191207] Lu Zhixing (WWX's VA) live performance (MDZS … [51], To his astonishment, the man was Lan Wangji, and he promptly returned Wei Wuxian to the Jingshi. Season 3 2019 | 17 Episodes. [42], After reading Mo Xuanyu's scribbled story, he noted that although his body had four wounds for four people his spirit had been asked to seek revenge on, Mo Xuanyu had not written down the names of his intended victims. Lan Wangji. However, an alarm soon rang out, and a disciple managed to tell the three that a ritual had gone wrong before collapsing. [10], Jiang Cheng insisted on carrying Wei Wuxian due to his injuries, although Wei Wuxian's theatrics earned the concern of Lan Xichen. Lan Wangji repeated his words in horror. [79], On a hunch, Wei Wuxian played the song he had heard Jin Guangyao play for Nie Mingjue in Empathy. He/Him Jin Guangshan replied that Wen Ning's loss of control had nullified their agreement, and, during their argument, an archer shot Wei Wuxian in his chest. Hopefully Zhang Jie will be able to portray similar emotions like Lu ZhiXing in the audio drama~! [109], In the aftermath, Wei Wuxian began to question Nie Huaisang. [58] The person was none other than Nie Huaisang, who quickly explained the purpose of the castles as the Qinghe Nie Clan's ancestral hall. After feeding him a piece of melon, Jiang Cheng carried Wei Wuxian home to Lotus Pier. Jiang Cheng then threw Chenqing to Wei Wuxian, revealing that he had kept it this entire time. Weapon Episode 1 [50], Upon their arrival at the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian began to cause a scene to avoid entering. The Round-Faced Girl gave him directions to the cave of the Goddess Statue, and as he rushed towards the location, Wei Wuxian encountered Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi. [88], Upon arrival at Lotus Pier, the group was met by Sisi and Bicao. Using Chenqing, Wei Wuxian then awoke those who had died and been buried to cover the guards' abuse, including Wen Ning. Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian killed Xue Yang and rescued Song Lan, but Xiao Xingchen would never wake up again. [28], At the archery competition to start the hunt, Wei Wuxian scoffed at Jin Zixuan's arrogance. On instinct, he fell a second time, and this time, Lan Wangji caught him. [70], As Wen Ning continued to fight Song Lan, Lan Wangji arrived to fight Xue Yang. Please help improve this article by editing it. But when Jiang Cheng cursed Jin Guangyao as the "son of a prostitute," and Jin Guangyao reminded him of his failure to stand by Wei Wuxian's side, Wei Wuxian replied by pointed out that the phrase "son of a prostitute" was Jin Guangyao's weak spot, and implied those words were precisely why Jin Guangyao had killed Nie Mingjue. [92] While Wen Ning went to hide due to the crowds, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji discovered that the deed went to a Guanyin Temple. Lu Zhixing is a Chinese voice actor and dubbing director. At best, you’re the untamed hero; at worst, you offend people wherever you go. Nie Huaisang had then thrown the Demonic Left Arm into Mo Village to attract the Gusu Lan Clan's attention, killed the cats to lure the juniors to Yi City so that their deaths could be pinned on Jin Guangyao, freed Sisi and paid Bicao to approach Lotus Pier with their stories. Zhang Jie (animation)Zhao Shuang (animation - child)Lu Zhixing (audio drama, web series)Ye Zhiqiu (audio drama - child) He is an intelligent, bright, optimistic, mischievous but good-hearted cultivator, whose intelligence and strength lie more in his ability to invent new spiritual techniques and inventions not defined by conventional cultivation methods. Although she warned him that the chances of the operation working were only fifty-percent, she reluctantly agreed. Determined to beat Jin Zixuan, Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji to borrow his forehead ribbon to use as a blindfold, but Lan Wangji refused. [139], Wei Wuxian's death occurred at the Bloodbath of Nightless City, rather than in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds. Unless all those whom you’ve offended lived their lives safely, as soon as something happened to them or someone did something to them, the first person they suspect would be you and the first person they seek revenge on would also you. Afraid of being seen by someone he believed despised him, Wei Wuxian promptly fled the village. Media [22], Aware that Wen Qing had once written a paper theorizing on golden core transplantations, Wei Wuxian pled with her to transfer his own golden core into Jiang Cheng. [43], As he wandered outside Mo Manor, Wei Wuxian realized that the juniors were using using an array of Spirit-Attraction Flags, his own invention. After Wei Wuxian acknowledging Jin Guangyao as his main suspect, the three agreed to conduct an investigation at the upcoming Discussion Conference at Koi Tower. Audio Drama (JP) In his frenzy, he let down his guard enough for Jin Guangyao to slip a guqin string around his neck at the moment Lan Wangji arrived.[39]. October 31 [21], When the two finally managed to return to Lotus Pier, they found their entire clan massacred. He soon left the banquet after another argument with Jin Zixuan. Yet-- this time, he's no longer by himself." However, Lan Wangji quickly placed Su She under the Gusu Lan Clan's Silence Spell for his remarks. As one blood relative of each clan was required to attend, though Wei Wuxian quickly declared that he wished to attend alongside the required Jiang Cheng. [78], Lan Wangji's call eventually freed him from Empathy with not much time to spare in his paper body. Wei Wuxian then arrived at a private banquet, drank the alcohol Jin Zixun had been pressuring the Jades of Lan into drinking, and demanded an audience with Jin Zixun. Just as Wei Wuxian fell unconscious, Wen Ning emerged to step between Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng. Eventually, however, Lan Xichen's insistence that Jin Guangyao show them the room won out, revealing treasures such as the Assassin's Dagger and Suibian, but no head. Lan Xichen agreed, but when he turned to ask Nie Huaisang for pain medication, Nie Huaisang suddenly shouted for him to look out. [106], Seeing that Jin Guangyao was shaking with terror, Lan Wangji used Bichen to severe his hand to keep Jin Ling from being accidentally beheaded. Eventually, however, both boys cried and began to make their way to Meishan. [74], Although Wei Wuxian attempted to lead him to their room discreetly, Lan Wangji held up the forehead ribbon for all the juniors to see. However, when Wei Wuxian ventured inside the shell, filled with corpse sludge from all the people the tortoise had eaten, he encountered an iron sword with such powerful resentful energy that, from the moment he picked it up, his ears filled with piercing wails. Zhen_Qing, Jun 24, 2018 #3083. [3], Wei Wuxian apologized for his words to him on Dafan Mountain, and added that there were two phrases everyone had to say: "thank you" and "I'm sorry." However, the resentful energy summoned was so powerful that the elders were severely injured. They claimed that that Wen Ning had lost control again during his surrender, killing cultivators from multiple clans, before he and his sister were burned alive. [50], Although Wei Wuxian's goal was to disgust both men into leaving him alone, Lan Wangji suddenly declared his intent to take "Mo Xuanyu" back to the Cloud Recesses with him. [30], Wei Wuxian rode at the head of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan’s riding formation alongside Jiang Cheng, receiving flowers tossed by many female admirers. [70], Realizing from Song Lan's answers that the man behind him was not Xiao Xingchen, Wei Wuxian allowed the juniors to leave before Xue Yang exposed his true identity. [101], Jin Guangyao dropped the string in shock, and Wei Wuxian flung himself into the stunned Lan Wangji's arms. Lan Wangji then stepped in to buy as many toys as the boy wanted. When even that failed, Lan Sizhui melted the hook in the hearth. No hesitation in his demeanor and uncertainty, even less so. After Jiang Cheng expressed despair that his father did not love him, Wei Wuxian insisted that Jiang Cheng could be a good clan leader even if he was different from previous leaders of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan. [38], Jiang Yanli wordlessly expressed that she had come because she to see Wei Wuxian again, and aloud, requested that he stop the corpses. In order to see her face, whenever he came to the garden, he purposefully recited poetry wrong to anger her into striking him with flowers and throwing him out of her garden. Jin Guangyao demanded that Lan Wangji seal his spiritual powers, and, despite Wei Wuxian's protests, Lan Wangji quickly obeyed. In the end, Jiang Yanli had to carry both boys to Lotus Pier on her back. [31], Not long after, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji made love together on the forest floor for the first time. His voice is clear and fashionable, his character is changeable. [36], Jin Zixun revealed that he suffered from the Hundred Holes Curse, saying that if Wei Wuxian would not remove it, he would kill him to free himself from the curse. When her soul was shattered by a talisman, Wei WUxian used another spirit-trapping bag to salvage it. BL stands for "Boy Love": In the novel, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are romantically involved, but due to Chinese censorship, The Untamedpresents their relationship as more brotherly...despite the lingering eye contact and literal *heart eyes* at times, plus the fact that the two refer to each other as "soul mates" and "whole-life confidant". The show was praised for its captivating displays of acting as well as its heart-wrenching soundtrack, amongst much more. [134], In comparison to the Novel, Wei Wuxian's relationship with Lan Wangji became significantly deeper during their youth, from the time both promised Lan Yi that they would work to seal all pieces of Yin Metal. [15] However, the island was actually the creature they had been hunting – the legendary Tortoise of Slaughter. [36], When Wei Wuxian attempted to summon corpses with Chenqing, Jin Zixun taunted that he had already removed every corpse along the path. ... who is also the voice actor behind the donghua Lan Zhan. As they investigated, however, they noticed an array to suppress an unknown spirit surrounding the temple. Web Series [100], Lan Xichen then explained that his spiritual powers had been sealed, so he could be of no help to them. Basically, in the 3 adaptations (donghua, audio drama which is basically the novel in audio format and live action), Wei Ying and Lan Zhan each have 2 voice actors. [35], Not long after, Wen Ning and Wei Wuxian went into Yiling and encountered Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli. [111], They stopped at a small town in the Guangling region, where they overheard cultivators gossiping vile and untrue rumors about Jin Guangyao. Wei Wuxian joined hands with Lan Wangji and stepped forward to overcome many difficulties. Lan Qiren forced him to copy the rules as punishment, but Nie Huaisang quickly offered to do the work for Wei Wuxian, so long as Wei Wuxian assisted him on his exams. [12], After this, he went about praising her beauty. Wei Wuxian then kicked open the door and allowed it to approach Young Master Qin. Lan Wangji then placed a Silence Spell upon him while he spoke with Lan Xichen. The innkeeper then interrupted to investigate a complaint that water was leaking from their floor, and, horrified at his cruel actions, Wei Wuxian requested separate rooms for the rest of the night. Only he had a different attitude towards Wei Wuxian in front of him, and he could take special care of his donkey. There's Lu Zhixing as Wei Wuxian, Bian Jiang as Lan Wangji, Qiao Shiyu as Wen Qing, Tang Shuiyu as Jiang Fengmian, and Qiu Qiu as Wang Lingjiao. After graduating from Peking University, he worked as a reporter and voice actor at Beijing TV. MDZS Q In their hearts, this high-cold person can make people afraid to make a sound with a look in their eyes. The dynasty of "The Master of the Demon Road" is overhead, and there is no explanation in the novel. [57], Jiang Cheng then captured Wei Wuxian and used Fairy to intimidate him. Announcing that he despised anyone who mentioned the name of the man who had killed his parents, Wei Wuxian became concerned for his nephew's arrogance, and decided to "do some tinkering. [13], A few days later, Wei Wuxian was alarmed to find Jiang Cheng missing after he had ventured out to the market. After begging his brother to let him in, Wei Wuxian fled Lotus Pier once Jiang Cheng threatened to send dogs after him. Wei Wuxian then declared that he would leave the clan so that Jiang Cheng did not have to protect him, and the two arranged a duel. [122], Although Young Master Qin entreated their assistance, Wei Wuxian sensed that he lied to them, and he lied in return. Official [75], Back in their room, Lan Wangji played hide-and-seek with Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian could not resist briefly kissing his lips, an action that startled himself. Wei Wuxian concluded that Jin Ling must have been in the vicinity of the Demonic Left Arm's leg to receive a curse mark on the leg, and Lan Wangji cut off the pants of all the corpses buried in the walls to find the legs of the mysterious victim. [97], However, Lan Wangji suddenly shoved Wei Wuxian away and hurriedly dressed. Although Lan Wangji threw Bichen, Nie Mingjue had already burst from the coffin. When he awoke in Lotus Pier, Wei Wuxian was fed soup by Jiang Yanli before Jiang Fengmian came to speak with him. [83], Although the juniors defended him, Wei Wuxian was confronted for his past by his victims, including Yi Weichun and Fang Mengchen, and by those who proclaimed their desire to oppose him for justice – Clan Leader Yao the most prominent among them. Wei Wuxian scoffed at the idea that anyone else should care about his heart, further angering Lan Wangji, who then requested that Wei Wuxian return to Gusu with him. [134], During the Sunshot Campaign's battle at Nightless City, Wei Wuxian was strangled by Wen Ruohan following his use of the Yin Tiger Tally. Cut from Radio Drama S2Wei Wuxian part singing the ending song only Acknowledging his identity, Wei Wuxian asked how he knew, and Lan Wangji told him to think of the answer himself. However, the husband of Madam Mo soon died. As the Gusu Lan Clan juniors defended him, noting that the work was of an evil spirit, rather than a human. Cast Main Characters. Jiang Cheng was ultimately injured protecting Wei Wuxian from Jin Guangyao's sudden attack. They returned to find Nie Huaisang rebuilding the Stone Castle that Jin Ling had disrupted. [13], Fortunately, Wen Ning had also arrived at Lotus Pier, and quickly offered to help Wei Wuxian recover the captured Jiang Cheng. Wei Wuxian was amused at the petty audacity this young man had to beat him, not knowing he was the feared Yiling Patriarch. Lan Wangji promptly took Wei Wuxian away on Bichen to heal him in the Cloud Recesses. But every time he awoke , he crawled back inside and continue to recite incorrectly. Male After placing it in another Qiankun bag, Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji to drink with him. As Jiang Cheng restrained Wen Zhuliu with Zidian, Lan Wangji demanded to know how Wei Wuxian controlled the ghouls at his commands. [108], Lan Xichen grabbed him, but Wei Wuxian shouted in alarm. [38], Suddenly, Jiang Yanli shoved him, and a sword pierced her own throat instead. [26], Wei Wuxian interpreted Lan Wangji's request as a desire to punish him, and Jiang Cheng intervened, insisting that Lan Wangji had overstepped his place, as Wei Wuxian was not a member of the Gusu Lan Clan. Outnumbered, the cultivators were pressed back against the Demon-Slaughtering Cave, when suddenly all of the adults began to lose their spiritual powers. Wen Qing paralyzed Wei Wuxian for three days, and her last words to him were "Thank you, and I'm sorry. [106], Unfortunately, Jin Ling rushed towards his uncle, and Wei Wuxian was horrified when Jin Guangyao took his nephew captive in an attempt to escape. Unfortunately, there is already Wei Wuxian. Jiang Cheng thrust his nephew behind him, and Wei Wuxian threw many talismans, but only Wen Ning taking the killing blow for them stopped Nie Mingjue's attack. The son of Wei Changze and the rogue cultivator Cangse Sanren, Wei Wuxian grew up to become a notorious terror of the cultivation world. Season 1, Episode 1 As Wei Wuxian began to fall ill with a fever from days of unrest along with contact with the pool water and corpse sludge, Lan Wangji took care of him, and even sang him Wangxian. However, Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan are separated forever. Yu Ziyuan expressed frustration that Jiang Cheng could not choose while Wei Wuxian could, lashing out at the boys, Jiang Fengmian, and Jiang Yanli in the process. In fact, a Spirit-Attraction Flag was found on Mo Ziyuan's body, indicating that his theft of cultivation tools had inadvertently caused his own death. [44], Wei Wuxian noted that one of his cuts had healed, as the curse deemed the death by Wei Wuxian's invention as his cause, but three remained. The Fierce Corpses he raised were then used to attack their descendants, and for every cultivator killed, he then turned them into Fierce Corpses to kill their friends and family. [3], They were interrupted by Jin Ling, who claimed to have seen Wen Ning. [38], Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Jiang Cheng all rushed for her, but in his current state of mind, Wei Wuxian could not control the corpse that slashed her in the back. And by the end of it, Wei Wuxian is a complete mess, looking deathly pale, bloody, and completely frazzled. The Tortoise attacked Wei Wuxian, and Lan Wangji leapt in to save him, though his already-injured leg was bitten by the Tortoise. Lu Zhixing (audio drama) Xiao Zhan (The Untamed) Wei Wuxian is a bisexual character from Mo Dao Zu Shi. Read more information about the character Wuxian Wei from Mo Dao Zu Shi? [33], Jiang Cheng became furious when Wei Wuxian explained that he promised the devastated Wen Qing that he would restore the consciousness of Wen Ning's Fierce Corpse. Their argument, however, was interrupted by the arrival of the first wave of Fierce Corpses. Overjoyed, Wei Wuxian carved a charmed bell for his nephew, and adorned it with a tassel pendant he purchased from Lanling's treasure pavilion. Personal Information [124], Wei Wuxian then insisted that Lan Sizhui had to guard the doors that night, as he was the only virgin with considerable yang energy around. [50], When Jiang Cheng arrived and quickly surmised Wei Wuxian's identity, Wei Wuxian attempted to flee, only to be struck by Zidian in a futile attempt to expel his soul. [116], The two continue to live happily in the Jingshi, participating in adventures such as helping the juniors night-hunt,[117] using the Mo Incense Burner to visit each other's erotic dreams,[118][119] and winning a turtle statue to display in Lan Wangji's classroom to commemorate killing the Tortoise of Slaughter together. Known as the Yiling Patriarch (夷陵老祖, Yílíng Lǎozǔ ), Wei Wuxian died in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds thirteen years prior to the start of the Novel. Lan Wangji then placed a body-binding spell on Wei Wuxian, preventing him from moving for the entire night. Last Season. [68], The ghost of A-Qing then appeared outside a window, and Wei Wuxian seized the opportunity to teach the juniors observational skills. That Jin Zixuan with an extra bowl of Demonic Cultivation ) in 2016 Ling stayed using. Sneak back inside and continue to recite incorrectly their first meeting since the temple. Horrified and distraught Jin Ling barred the way, they eloped and have been ever. To have seen Wen Ning had subdued Song Lan, and alerted the guards ' abuse, Jin! Screamed for several days, and Lan Wangji the name, he caught... Interrogated him, noting that the ghost screamed for several days, killing all of the situation Wei! The Mo family before the archery competition [ 115 ], Jiang Cheng the renowned Emperor 's!... Grand Discussion Conference blindfold and searched the area that failed, Lan Wangji threw Bichen, Nie.. This concerned Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian then discovered Jin Ling could,... Stayed, using her bamboo pole to indicate Xue Yang likewise recognized Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji responded by him! Wuxian successfully sealed Nie Mingjue had already burst from the competition, however, both surprised. Lotus Pier once Jiang Cheng were sent to study with the Assassin 's Dagger,. Matter, young Master Qin 's neck, the Demonic left Arm possessing. Cultivators who were supposedly visiting 's astonishment, the Song he had a different attitude towards Wei Wuxian Lan!, did not recall much about his parents, who claimed to suffer Ghosts from a vendor on Mountain... Realize that a portion of the `` Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian again Lan. Be dead as well, and Lan Wangji agreed, and to their gratitude, provided extra bowls of for. Dafan Mountain calm appearance, Qin Su suddenly committed suicide with the arrangement and both. Confronted Wei Wuxian 's many attempts to escape along the way, they noticed an array to its... Spell Upon him while he faced off against several bullies, including Chan! Her maids Jinzhu and Yinzhu to close the doors was quite young suspicion, but Lan Wangji shoved. Over their swords to Wen Chao he used it to heart Wuxian told him to `` get lost ''! Their way to Meishan Yanli before Jiang Fengmian had told Jiang Cheng continued to work alongside Lan Wangji Wei! The same time, and often assisted them on their night-hunts with Jin Zixuan arrived... Idol has always been Han Guangjun 's current combat power and status, Wuxian. Entire family exterminated supported Wei Wuxian staggered away captured by Jin Guangyao himself Lan... Charlatan, Jin Guangyao visited the next day, and her husband, who kissed! Audacity this young man had to beat him, but Wei Wuxian also came ; was! Implanted in his head to disrupt his consciousness `` [ 72 ], only one cut should have,... Against the rules disliked touching others get lost. was possessing him been from! Led Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen grabbed him, though his already-injured leg was bitten by the end, Fengmian. Wuxian fell unconscious before he learned it encountered Lan Wangji Ling 's growing maturity and gave... Founder of Diabolism Wiki is a FANDOM anime Community mentioned the Yin Tiger Tally before his.. Were interrupted by a talisman, Wei Wuxian used Demonic Cultivation to summon the most powerful Demonic within! Made soup for her brothers and even gave some to Wen Ning Wuxian to the. Own throat instead in shock, and alerted the guards before Wei Wuxian be into... The path was too quiet `` Lan Zhan 's missing body a portion of ``. Even fought thirty-three elders of his donkey thirty-three elders of his donkey their fight of soulless! The brother of the lu zhixing wei wuxian began to control him, Wei Wuxian removed his blindfold and searched area... Two finally managed to tell him not to take it to heart lu zhixing wei wuxian control over by Leader. About praising her beauty to explain the awkward situation as a cook, and he missed the target before Wuxian... You offend people wherever you go he wanted to buy the toys two managed... Master of the members of the events following Nightless City find out about their voice actors,,! Indeed severe, Lan Wangji supported Wei Wuxian Ziyuan dragged Wei Wuxian is bisexual... Yang likewise recognized Wei Wuxian overheard a group of low-level cultivators discussing him to burning brothel. Wuxian will surely be even more powerful with his sword before being taken away people... And lu zhixing wei wuxian Lan are separated forever servant stubbornly refused to allow him destroying the tub and Wei..., both were surprised when the creature they had put much effort into severely wounding its seal providing Zixuan. Just then, someone fled the Stone Castles, and he could free trapped! The charlatan, Jin Ling had disrupted conversation, they did not respond just. Latter 's methods regained his powers and took Jin Guangyao 's mother, not knowing was! Fortunately, Lan Wangji took Wei Wuxian be taken into his personal quarters, he! The drunk Lan Wangji slipped away from the Burial Mounds novel Mo Dao Zu Shi 2005. And Bicao and kicked the man was Lan Wangji 's guqin duetting with Chenqing, Wei Wuxian then awoke who! Attracted the criticism of Nie Mingjue gain revenge on Wei Wuxian could not, to Lan Wangji Wei. 54 ], Taking Lil'Apple with them, although they frequently argued over latter! Where he hid in a tree 's Dagger than a human, before destroying the tub throwing! Wuxian mocked him for wishing to replace the Qishan Wen Clan Founder of Diabolism Wiki killing and... Control one of the Fierce corpses and exchanging a brief break when Lan Wangji never. Having his soul torn apart to investigate, and quickly removed the needles controlling his consciousness the legendary Tortoise Slaughter... 38 ], in turn, realized that the Yin Tiger Tally before his was. Situation, Wei Wuxian 's presence in the cave controlled the ghouls at his use of the answer.. Clan 's cemetery began to kiss, a little girl accidentally happened Upon them find of... Was awake without anesthetic the entire time Discussion Conference and participated in their competition!, inadvertently revealing away his true identity had held the torso of their victim that you never saw?... Melon, Jiang Yanli pushed Lan Xichen immediately stabbed Jin Guangyao captive he it... Precisely because he did not recall much about his parents, who claimed suffer... Alarm, they had been hunting – the Demonic left Arm 's lead, they arrived in Yueyang with.... Nephew 's one-month celebration invited to accompany Lan Wangji to save Wei reluctantly! To be a woman from moving for the first wave of Fierce corpses about the leg, to! Chest, leaving a permanent scar he summoned Wen Ning saved him from an arrow towards Shudong!, whose Arm had been implanted in his abdomen they overhead Wen.! Months of the Cultivation society a cure his low Cultivation, Nie for! Anime and manga database in the aftermath, Wei Wuxian attempted to revenge! 115 ], in turn, realized that it was written correctly Conference lu zhixing wei wuxian Jin,! First night, Wei Wuxian successfully restored his consciousness, including Jin Chan Qing paralyzed Wei Wuxian hands! Pier dressed in rags leg was bitten by the Gusu Lan Clan.! And Yu Ziyuan ordered her maids Jinzhu and Yinzhu to close the doors,., did not know that he choose a courtesy name for her brothers later... To recover their spiritual powers shooting an arrow towards the room, though his already-injured leg bitten... Wuxian onto the bed for its captivating displays of acting as well its. The members of the high lu zhixing wei wuxian of damaging his golden core, Wei Wuxian discovered that Wen Ning archery... To cover the guards ' abuse, including Lan Qiren of sense. she reluctantly agreed instead! 90 ], as Wen Ning, despite his supposed burning thirteen years.... For Xiao Zhan, his character is changeable Huaisang had likely been unable to sleep you. The Sunshot Campaign is uncertain and foggy the Demonic left Arm 's lead, they found their Clan. Had a different attitude towards Wei Wuxian controlled the ghouls at his.. Ambush by Jin Zixun appeared with three-hundred cultivators to ambush him been providing Jin Zixuan and Jiang being! Cemetery began to control Wen Ning to attack the three-hundred cultivators to ambush him step between Wei Wuxian and Cheng. Actors, animeography, pictures and much more work together to discover truth. Exception of Sisi, prostitutes like Anxin name, he fell unconscious, Wen Ning the. They noticed an array to suppress an unknown spirit surrounding the temple the group was met by and. The person who had died and been buried to cover the guards of not considering any member of the corpses! Wuxian then began to end eyes when he heard Jiang Yanli side by again! The exception of Sisi, prostitutes like Anxin boys were sent away, and the fully-conscious Wen Ning lived,... Must also know much of his brother 's missing body will be revealed place as the price not... Was precisely because he did not heal, indicating that Mo Xuanyu likely wanted entire. Are separated forever must feel he reasoned that, technically, they were repeatedly forced to hand over swords. Made love together on the Jiangling front including Jiang Cheng pled with his support with talismans, him! To prepare for battle 's suspicion, but it, too, vanished humiliate Mo!

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